Our mission is to represent what’s sustainable, straight-forward and fast.

Together with your brand we want to challenge what’s possible, not alone, but together with other cyclists in and around Belgium.

Let’s ride together. 

We’re Anthony — architect, designer and very motivated cyclist — and Stijn — sport psychologist, bike mechanic and fencing coach —. Together we’re happy and very excited to present to you our project: RPM™ Souplesse.

Having ridden a succesful year with the support of Alpecin Cycling as ride captains, we felt the motivation to continue these goodvibes with our own ride club based in Ghent, Belgium.

It’s our ambition to inspire our fellow-cyclists to challenge themselves and start the quest to discover their own limits. Ranging from 50 km flat social rides all the way to 300 km hilly endurance rides — we’re convinced Souplesse will carry us through; therefor the name.

In terms of time, what we’d really like to achieve is to connect a bunch of passionate cyclists every single time, friends on and off the bike.

Looking forward, we’d like to include a pre-season traingingscamp in the Belgian (h)Ardennes, a serious challenge as yearly goal and ofcourse many rides inbetween to keep everybody up to par!

As this is a non-profit ride club and since we’re highly motivated to keep pushing and riding, we’re convinced that with your support we can take things to the next level!

Riding together is one thing, but to define our identity is what’s next. A high-quality cycling kit, parts and nutrition go a long way. We won’t sell anything, but will be honored to represent your brand, line it up in our collection with all its info and our personal impressions, and share our experiences with everyone we meet.

And ofcourse, on all future content (photo/video) we’ll tag and appreciate your brand.

We’re here to grow, to push what cycling can mean as a community; and what a community can mean to a cyclist.

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©RPMSouplesse 2023