Are you new to riding in a group? Wondering what and how?

Below you’ll find some guidelines, the do’s and don’t do’s.

No stress. 

Stick to the traffic rules. It is generally safer and according to the general rules of traffic, it is allowed to ride in pairs if this does not obstruct the traffic. 
Don’t brake hard for no reason. It is dangerous to brake hard when you don’t to. Take into account there are people riding behind you.
Stop as a group at an intersection. If the rest of the group must stop for other traffic, don’t be the only person crossing an intersection. 
Hold your line. Even when you talk to your neighbor, make sure that you ride a straight line. Don’t let your friends dodge your wavey ride style.
Eyes on the road. Are you one of the more experienced cyclists in the group? Please keep an eye out on the surroundings and warn other if necessary. 
Keep the weaker rides out of the headwind. Always take care of the weaker cyclists in the group, just imagine you be the one having a bad day.
Wait for eachother after a climb. If you’re feeling strong; race up the climb. Just wait for everyone on the top or do the climb twice.
Warn eachother by using hand signals. Once spotted, repeat and pass on throughout the group.
The stop. ︎︎︎ Raising your hand vertical upwards indicates: ‘caution/prepare to stop’.
The turn. ︎︎︎ Reach out your hand to the left or right to announce an upcoming turn.
The point. ︎︎︎︎︎︎ Pointing left or right to the ground next to you, indicates potholes, objects, etc. in the middle of the road.
The wave. ︎︎︎︎︎︎ Wavey gesture behind the back. ‘Avoid to the left or right’, used for parked cars, incoming traffic etc.

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